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“State-of-the-art in all ways that I could discern. All of the staff were professional, friendly, and caring. A great experience.”
Rate a Dentist 5-Star Rating | Rick, March 2013

At Woodlake Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to making sure you have access to modern dental care. We make dental care modern through our on-going training, and use of high-tech equipment. Technology allows us to do amazing things that were not available in the past. For example, you can receive a gum injection without pain. Our equipment and technology is regularly upgraded as well. You deserve the modern conveniences of high tech dentistry, and you have it with Woodlake Family Dentistry in Little Elm and Frisco, Texas.




Ask about our dental technology and how you can benefit from solutions using the most advanced dental equipment to fit your needs. Call Woodlake Family Dentistry at 214-509-6066, or complete our online form.

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