Tooth-Colored Fillings in
Little Elm and Frisco

Cavities and other minor damage can often be repaired with the use of dental fillings. With composite, tooth-colored fillings, these restorations can be made while maintaining a natural-looking smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Little Elm and Frisco

If you have cavities or need dental restorations in Little Elm and Frisco, call our team at Woodlake Family Dentistry. We specialize in treating cavities and other damage using fillings that match your smile.

92 percent of adults age 20 to 64 have had a cavity, and 23 percent of those cavities haven’t even been treated! Hopefully, you’re not part of that 23 percent. However, if you are, the team at Woodlake Family Dentistry provides the best cavity filling procedures in the Little Elm and Frisco and Frisco, Texas areas. Your filling will be expertly placed by an experienced team quickly, easily and comfortably.

You have the choice of different types of metal or tooth-colored fillings. Choose from silver, gold, porcelain or composite material that bonds with the tooth to give a more natural appearance. Once your new filling is in place, you can brush and floss normally to prevent further decay, as regular dental hygiene is the easiest way to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Composite Fillings or Tooth-Colored Fillings

Traditionally, fillings were made with a strong silver composite and could withstand significant pressure. These silver fillings are usually placed on the back molars. Now, dentists offer composite fillings. Often called tooth-colored fillings, they are made of ceramic or plastic materials and naturally blend to match your teeth.

Composite fillings are applied layer by layer and then cured by light.

Through regularly scheduled checkups, our dentists can detect cavities before they become too big. This way, they can effectively be repaired using fillings.


Tooth-colored fillings are a great way to maintain a natural smile. But if your cavities are on the back molars, we may recommend traditional amalgam fillings. If your cavity is small, then composite fillings will probably be your best option.

With proper care and hygiene, your fillings can last many years. If they loosen or fall out, then call us for treatment.

Composite fillings may be considered cosmetic work. When you schedule your exam, we’ll go over your insurance and payment options.

Just like most dental work, you can enjoy most foods. Avoid hard candy or sticky foods.

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Cassandra C.

From beginning to end this office was welcoming and warm. I must say so detailed. This is the best my teeth have felt in years. Like I was so confident when I left and didn’t feel like things were being told to me just because. My entire family comes to this office and I’m glad I am here now!
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Rachel T.

Scheduled cleaning appointment was quick with no long waits. Staff were friendly and the environment is welcoming.
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Toni M.

I love this dental office! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, & incredibly helpful! I love the dentist. I am so appreciative they were able to work me in for my pain & see me later that day for treatment. I will recommend to anyone who needs a new dentist or a dentist in general! Thank you so much!
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