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Dental Crowns

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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a restorative dentistry treatment used to fix the shape, size, and strength of teeth, relieving pain and improving your quality of life. While crowns are meant to improve the appearance and function of a single tooth, a dental bridge is used to improve the integrity of the group altogether if multiple adjacent teeth are suffering from wear and tear.

At Woodlake Family Dentistry we prefer to use porcelain crowns and bridges for a more natural look than metal. Experience the difference and learn more about dental crowns by calling 214-509-6066, or complete our online form.

When a Dental Crown Might Be Necessary

Dental crowns protect teeth that are weak, breaking, cracked, and severely worn down—and they can cover severely discolored teeth. If you are experiencing any of these concerns with your teeth, don’t worry! We can provide a solution that restores your tooth’s function and appearance.

Dental crowns are also often used alongside other restorative dental treatments. For example, they can support a large filling, help secure a dental bridge in place, and top a dental implant to give it its natural-looking appearance.

Dental Crowns FAQ

Do dental crowns hurt?
Getting a dental crown should not hurt. When providing you with a dental crown, we apply a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area and minimize any discomfort you may experience. That way when we’re preparing the tooth, you might feel some pressure, but not pain.

Do dental crowns need to be replaced?
You dental crown should last you many years as long as you keep up with good oral hygiene at home and come in for regular dental checkups. You may need to replace your dental crown if decay develops under the crown, your gums have become infected, your gums are receding, or there is excessive wear (due to tooth misalignment or grinding).

Do dental crowns stain?
How much your dental crown may stain depends on what it is made out of (for example, ceramic vs. resin vs. porcelain). Porcelain crowns are highly durable and stain resistant. To avoid stains, quit smoking; limit consumption of beverages like coffee, tea, and red wine; and maintain good oral hygiene habits with daily brushing and semiannual dental checkups.

Will my dental crown be sensitive to cold and heat?
It’s typical to feel some sensitivity to hot or cold beverages and foods after receiving a dental crown. Normally, this goes away within a couple of weeks. If it doesn’t, we recommend coming into our office so we can see if the fit of your dental crown needs to be adjusted.

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