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Dental implants provide a long lasting solution to missing teeth. Do you have teeth that need to be extracted, and you’re wondering if there’s hope for you with a better smile? Yes, there is hope, and dental implants could be the right solution for you. Dental implants include a small, screw-shaped titanium post that replaces the root of your missing tooth, and is covered with a porcelain crown that looks and feels just like your real teeth. Are you managing ill-fitting dentures or a retainer with false teeth? Dental implants could be the best way for you to permanently improve your smile and quality of life. You can brush your implanted teeth just like real teeth.

Missing or deteriorated teeth can cause very important jaw bone tissue to also deteriorate, causing more oral health problems that anyone would like to prevent or fix. Dental implants provide support to your jawbone and leads to improved oral health. Implanting the titanium post is a minor surgical procedure. The post fuses with the bone while it heals after being implanted. Once the post is fused the crown is attached to the post to give you your smile back.

If you’re missing one tooth, or many teeth, Woodlake Family Dentistry has options to help you regain your confident smile back. We offer single tooth replacements, multi-tooth replacements, and implant supported dentures.

Single Tooth ReplacementsMulti-Tooth ReplacementsImplant-Supported Dentures
Single Tooth Replacements
Single tooth implants do not decay or need root canal treatments and have the highest long-term success rates for replacing a single tooth. Enjoy your new tooth!
Multi-Tooth Replacements
Multi-tooth replacements are better alternatives to dental bridges to replace three or more teeth in a row. The multi-tooth implant does not require support from a healthy neighboring tooth, eliminating additional stress and potential for decay on your neighboring healthy teeth.
Implant-Supported Dentures
Dentures with implant supports improve your quality of life. You can replace all of your teeth on the top or bottom rows, and the implant-supported dentures won’t shift or fall out due to jaw movement from eating or speaking. The dentures lock into place with optimally placed titanium posts.

If you are suffering from dental implant rejection, which is rare, we can help you understand how to maintain and clean your implants. Dental implant rejection can be caused by poor oral hygiene and lack of regular dental cleanings to remove bacteria that damage implants. Other ways dental implant rejection occurs is from clenching or teeth grinding.

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