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Root Canal Therapy Aftercare

So you've just wrapped up getting root canal therapy and you're wondering what happens next. First off, we're proud of you for not giving in to the popular misconception that root canals are something to fear. You've taken an important step for your dental health, and we bet you are feeling relief from any pain you had been experiencing beforehand already. After a dental procedure like this, it's important to follow the guidelines given to you by your dentist to make sure ... Read more

What Are the Options for Broken Front Teeth Repair?

You probably know that the enamel on your teeth is the strongest material in your body. However, it can still crack or break, leaving you with teeth you don’t want to show off. If you’ve broken your front tooth, we can help. Woodlake Family Dentistry offers a variety of restorative and cosmetic options that can repair your tooth and have it looking as good as new. Depending on the severity of the damage to your tooth, we will choose from several ... Read more

Why Do You Get White Spots on Your Teeth?

You’re looking in the mirror and notice some unusual white spots on your teeth. They aren’t leftover food, and they don’t look like normal stains… so what are they? These white blotches can be a sign of a few different conditions, including fluorosis, enamel hypoplasia, and demineralization. Fluorosis Fluorosis is when too much fluoride has been consumed in the first eight years of life, during which permanent teeth are still developing. This could be due to high-levels of fluoride in your drinking ... Read more

4 Naturally Flossing Foods

Good dental hygiene is about more than just preserving your teeth — it's about maintaining your overall health. While everyone knows that flossing is essential for good dental hygiene, many people struggle to floss daily. There's no perfect substitute for traditional dental floss, but there are several nutritious foods you can eat that naturally floss and clean your teeth. Apples Though apples are sugary, they're also incredibly high in fiber and have a relatively high water content. As you chew an apple, the ... Read more

What Does Family Dentistry Mean?

The dental field presents a variety of specialties, but perhaps the most versatile of them all is family dentistry, which we proudly practice here at Woodlake Family Dentistry. Family dentists are equipped to treat the unique dental needs for children, teenagers, and adults alike, ensuring that all patients have the tools and know how to have beautiful, healthy, and lasting smiles. Types of Dental Services As family dentists, we are able to teach children and their parents the importance of maintaining ... Read more
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