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What Are ClearCorrect Clear Dental Aligners?

Metal braces aren’t the only way to get a straighter smile! If you’re unhappy with your smile and your teeth aren’t as straight as you want them to be, ClearCorrect™ clear aligner therapy may be an excellent orthodontic option for you. How ClearCorrect Works ClearCorrect is different from metal braces because they are subtle, clear aligners that straighten your teeth over time. They reposition crooked and crowded teeth using a series of plastic straightening trays. All you have to do is wear them ... Read more

Why Do I Have Halitosis?

If you have persistent bad breath every day, you likely have halitosis. What exactly causes halitosis, and what can you do to freshen up your breath for good? What Causes Halitosis? There are a quite a few reasons why you may be suffering from chronic bad breath, despite your best efforts: Dry Mouth — Mouth dryness means that there’s less saliva to naturally wick bacteria off of the surface of your teeth. Smoking, taking certain medications, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and using an ... Read more

All About Dental Bridges

Missing a tooth is exciting when you’re a kid, since not only will you be getting a visit from the tooth fairy, but you also know that a new adult tooth will soon replace it. However, when you lose a tooth as an adult, it can be daunting to figure out what your options are to replace it. These days, there are a quite a few options to replace a missing tooth or teeth, including dental bridges. Should I Get a Dental ... Read more

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

You don’t need to live with stained, yellow teeth forever! There are quite a few causes of yellow teeth, and having a brighter, whiter smile is more possible after you figure out the cause of your staining. Here are the top reasons why your teeth can turn yellow. Diet What you eat and drink plays a major role in influencing the color of your teeth. Sugary and acidic foods easily wear down your enamel, making it easy for your teeth to stain. Avoid ... Read more

How Dental Health Can Affect Your Complexion

Brushing and flossing aren’t just for maintaining a gorgeous smile. Did you know that your oral health could actually affect your entire body, including your skin? Oral Health and Your Body Your mouth is a hotbed for bacteria, and when those bacteria multiply with nowhere to go, they can enter your bloodstream and wreak havoc on your body. Not only does it make it harder for your immune system to fight off other potential ailments, but it can also cause serious harm ... Read more
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