Safe and Clean Dental Care

At Woodlake Family Dentistry we strive to exceed the state and federal guidelines for dental practices. Having a great dental care experience requires you to have a safe and clean place to receive dental care.

Texas Regulations: Rules and Regulations

Federal Regulations: Publications

As you can see from the linked resources above, there is a lot to do to ensure a clean and safe environment for quality dental care. We make it our daily mission to go above and beyond these regulations to focus on giving you the best dental care experience possible.

Every dental instrument is carefully sterilized using our advanced sterilization technology. All our equipment is well organized and systematized to prevent cross-contamination. Every week, our equipment and instruments are spore tested by third-party laboratories to ensure that everything is completely safe and sterile for you and our staff. Treatment rooms and areas are sanitized between every patient visit as well.

Safety & Security for Personal Information

Woodlake Family Dentistry is regularly monitored and audited, complying with all OSHA and HIPAA regulations. Patient data is securely gathered using systems maintained on secured servers. Your personal information is not shared with outside parties without explicit permission from the patient or guardian (such as when referral to a specialist is necessary). Financial information patients provide us is encrypted, so not even our staff can access it. The privacy of your personal information is extremely important to us.

We Invest Because We Care

We invest in your clean and safe dental care experience because that is how we would like to receive our dental care. Many dental practices try to save money instead of investing in all these things, but we think it should be the standard. We care about your privacy, safety, and cleanliness of your dental care so you’ll never have to!

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